First country restaurant

You should come over and visit our restaurant «Mayak»!
We will take care of filling you with a store of impressions, energy and vivacity.


All over the world country recreation has been a tradition over many centuries. Today you have an opportunity to experience this country recreation activity in Siberia. Half an hour down the meandering mountain road (Krasnoyarsk — Divnogorsk) and here you are in the Bar-Restaurant «Mayak», that was created in accordance with all the principles of ancient chivalric castles, where you can not only have a lovely dinner, but you can also revel in silence, open air and beauties of Siberian Nature. Look around! The interior of the Restaurant «Mayak» accomplished with the use of exclusively natural materials. Solid wood furniture, wall and ceiling painting, unique stucco work — all this is the result of great masters from «The City of the Sun». The forged products were implemented exclusively by true masters of the craft. The stuffed wild animals, creating mysterious twilight, will take you to the wonderful and mystic medieval era. To make you feel warm and cozy, the chairs are covered with a bear’s skin.